About This Journal


The International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research (IJGER) is an international journal sponsored by the Korea-America Association for Geospatial and Environmental Sciences (KAGES). As a non-profit organization, KAGES fosters scientific interactions between Korea and USA for Korean or Korean-American students, scientists and professionals in the geospatial-technical and environmental science fields. As part of its mission, KAGES launched IJGER to provide a forum for discussion between its members and researchers in the field. IJGER welcomes contributions that fit our aims and scope from anywhere in the world.

Review and publication process

Manuscripts submitted to IJGER are subject to double-blind peer reviews. Therefore author information should not be in the manuscript. Once a manuscript is submitted, the Editor assigns it to one of the editorial board members who will be in charge of the review process. Each manuscript is reviewed by normally two reviewers, and each reviewer is given 21 days to complete. Upon completion of the review, the editorial board member makes an editorial recommendation to the Editor, and the Editor renders a decision to the author. Papers will be made available on the journal Web site as soon as authors complete all corrections and typesetting.

For acceptance, an affirmative answer is needed for these questions from the reviewers:

  • Is the paper clear and correct?
  • Is the paper important?
  • Is the paper new and innovative?
  • Is the paper reporting results that are sufficiently supported and may be of use for other regions, studies or questions?
  • Publication platform

    IJGER is hosted on the UWM Digital Commons, a service of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries. Therefore, the contents of IJGER are fully open access and there is no charge either to authors or readers.