La geografía del desplazamiento climático

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This StoryMap uses AGSL maps and photos, as well as current data on extreme climate events, to lead students through an exploration of five major causes of climate change displacement. For each extreme climate event, the students will also explore a case study. This StoryMap is designed for an International Baccalaureate Spanish course and it includes interpretive reading activities, which provide practice for the IB exam (the activities will be linked in the fall of 2021). Although it is designed for an IB course, it can be used in any advanced Spanish course. This StoryMap includes a handout that students can use to reflect / answer the questions in the StoryMap. The handout can be found as a button at the top of the StoryMap page. All questions that are found on the handout are typed in blue on the Storymap. NOTE: This Storymap does not include a summative assessment because it is only one part of a larger unit that encompasses a broader scope of immigration issues.