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Bryce Stiemsma

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Artist Statement:

For this marketing campaign, I was tasked with creating some sample examples of social media posts that Milwaukee County Parks could use to target a specific audience: college aged students. To create posts for this purpose, I needed to identify aspects of the Brew Hero campaign that would excite this demographic. I decided that socializing with friends and rewards from coffee shops are two aspects of the campaign that would be of particular interest to this demographic, so I decided to focus my sample posts on these aspects. The next step of my process was researching the feel and language of the current Milwaukee Parks social media presence. I looked through their Twitter and Facebook feeds to get a better understanding of the pages’ verbiage. Lastly, I used one of the countless available fake social media post generators to create authentic recreations of what I had in mind for posts for the campaign that target those two specific aspects of Brew Hero.