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The TikTok social media clip with the hashtags #cleanyourparks #parkcleanup #brewheroesinthepark is an example of how this campaign could go viral with people uploading their clips. Creating content where simple everyday people can go to their parks, showcase their trash they collected and put a simple voiceover can help the campaign go viral. Different social media platforms have ways they can go viral TikTok is short clips, Instagram is hashtags and photos or videos, Facebook are posts with words, pictures, videos, and shares. I hope to showcase my skillset by showing examples of posts that can help campaigns promote on social media without the usual advertising simple clips, catchy phrases, or pictures with words.

When it comes to my creative process, I work best by thinking of the topic a week or so beforehand to get inspired then when the day comes when execute I put music on and go from there. Within that week I have done research, looked at other examples, and I’ve seen examples of what people liked to record themselves doing as volunteer work. I did a couple takes on what I wanted to have in my video and that was showing garbage, me picking it up, me talking and music in the background anything else just happened during recording. There were other videos I wanted to make and then we got a huge snowfall, so I was not able to. I wanted to have me walking with my dogs and picking up trash and show how much I picked up on my mile walk.

When we were brainstorming this campaign, I knew I wanted to get people involved through social media because that is the huge thing right now where mostly everyone has videos of themselves doing something. Rather it be a dance, giving advice, their pets, kids, voiceovers etc. I wanted to get a group of friends or coworkers together to go somewhere and pickup garbage. I wanted to have a group photo before with garbage everywhere then an after one with it all cleaned up and our garbage bags as trophies. Everyone in that group would showcase it on their social medias use one hashtag and their followers could all like our photos and maybe join and do the same.

I knew I wanted to advertise this campaign and get it in corporate companies because what it is having is people move around, take care of their communities, and have it in a fun way by posting great positive things on social media. What I learned from my DAC class is you can have these huge ideas but there’s little steps before you can get there so it is executed in a great manner. Meaning, you can have a great turnout, it is more planned which makes less mistakes that can happen, and it can last around for a while not just a one-day cleanup and done. Although my ideas can happen all the smaller details need to be worked out first especially incase you get huge turnouts like volunteers or social media tags.

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TikTok Campaign