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Galician music, bagpipe, gaita, percussion instruments, musical genres, Celticity

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Celtic Studies | English Language and Literature | Folklore | History | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Linguistics | Theatre History


The paper focuses on the traditional music of Galicia with special emphasis on the gaita, or bagpipe, its persistence throughout the centuries as a symbol for the region, and its strong similarities with the instruments of Celtic regions such as Scotland, Brittany and Ireland. Samples of musical melodies from Galicia are included and compared to these areas, and their similarities are discussed.

alborada_de_rosalia_p891.mp3 (2473 kB)
Alborada de Rosalia de Castro

muineiras_da_valina_p892.mp3 (2819 kB)
Muiñeiras da Valiña da Osa e Veiga de Forcas

marcha_de_penalonga_p893.mp3 (3123 kB)
Marcha de Penalonga

alala_do_caurel_p894.mp3 (2391 kB)
Alalá do Caurel / a Aguillada

cantar_da_seitura_p896.mp3 (4388 kB)
Cantar da Seitura de Manzaneda

romances_tradicionais_p896_2.mp3 (5240 kB)
Romances tradicionais

marcha_do_entrenzado-de-Allariz_p899_1.mp3 (471 kB)
Marcha do entrenzado de Allariz

atholl-highlanders_p899_2.mp3 (476 kB)
Atholl Highlanders

ruada_p899_3.mp3 (367 kB)

bals-breton_p899_4.mp3 (218 kB)
Bals Breton

courtneys-favorite_p899_5.mp3 (230 kB)
Courtney's Favourite

ribeirana_p899_6.mp3 (322 kB)
Ribeirana Clip