Cyber Celtic


In recent years, the Internet has rapidly taken on an increasingly important role as a source of information about all aspects of the Celtic world, from on-line translation programs and language tutorials to blogs, chat rooms, gaming communities, self-publishing ventures, virtual congregations of Neo-Pagan and other Celtic-informed emerging religions, genealogical search engines, Websites that serve as vast albums for photographs and other images, and e-journals like this one. There is a growing need for synthetic and critical analyses of these varied sources as they continue to influence tremendous numbers of people, ultimately constituting a kind of parallel and often contradictory venue for knowledge production and dissemination in comparison to the conventional print media. Contributions to this volume could include investigations of any of the topics listed above. The editors welcome suggestions for additional topics.



Online, Offline and Beyond: The Social Imaginary in a Scottish Diasporic Online Group
Charles A. Hays, Thompson Rivers University School of Journalism, Kamloops, British Columbia