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Fall 2019


This paper is about proposals of past and present relating to the topic of public transportation in Milwaukee and the surrounding metropolitan area. Starting the paper off, is a brief history of public transportation in Milwaukee, ranging from streetcars, buses, interurbans, and trains. Next is an introduction to the main purpose of this paper, discussion about former and current public transportation proposals in the region. First is the KRM Commuter Link, a former proposal for a commuter rail line linking Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee. Second is a past proposal for high speed rail in Wisconsin, linking Chicago with Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis. Third, a current proposal calling for the creation of a Milwaukee County Commuter Rail System. Afterwards, a discussion on benefits seen from other cities in terms of public transit, and a section on general benefits that could be seen in Milwaukee. Lastly, a commentary on what caused these proposals to fail and what you can do to have your voices heard. What you should get out of this is new knowledge about the history of Milwaukee in relation to transit, information regarding past and current proposals that would’ve changed the area, and how these projects can be supported.