Date of Award

May 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Yue Liu

Committee Members

Xiao Qin, Jie Yu, Chao Zhu, Lingfeng Wang


Lane Reorganization, Special Events Strategies, Traffic Management Strategies, Traffic Modelling Analysis, Transportation Network Optimization, Uninterrupted Flow Intersection


How to effectively optimize and control spreading traffic in urban network during the special event has emerged as one of the critical issues faced by many transportation professionals in the past several decades due to the surging demand and the often limited network capacity. The contribution of this dissertation is to develop a set of integrated mathematical programming models for unconventional traffic management of special events in urban transportation network. Traffic management strategies such as lane reorganization and reversal, turning restriction, lane-based signal timing, ramp closure, and uninterrupted flow intersection will be coordinated and concurrently optimized for best overall system performance. Considering the complexity of the proposed formulations and the concerns of computing efficiency, this study has also developed efficient solution heuristics that can yield sufficiently reliable solutions for real-world application. Case studies and extensive numerical analyses results validate the effectiveness and applicability of the proposed models.