Date of Award

May 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Media Studies

First Advisor

Elana Levine

Committee Members

Michael Newman, Rick Popp


Cultural Studies, Feminism, Marketing Strategies, Masculinity, Rebranding, Textual Analysis


This thesis presents the ways the blog, The Art of Manliness, negotiates a rebranding of masculinity through nostalgia-based marketing initiatives and individualistic language and perspectives. This blog, dedicated to the self-improvement of the modern man, relies on “intentionality” and makes room for both traditional forms of masculine consumption and progressive masculine domesticity. The thesis begins by illustrating the ways marketing initiatives have had a hand in creating masculinity and the ways society has adopted or rejected these representations. It goes on to discuss how a contemporary blog on masculinity, The Art of Manliness, has incorporated some of these marketing techniques to disburse a brand of masculinity that challenges some of representations put forward by other publications targeted at men. It also discusses the ways the discursive community present on the site helps to disburse this brand by embracing or rejecting certain ideas on the site as is evident from the moderated comments sections. I argue that this is a new identity, built by embracing traditionally manly skills, while encouraging consumption without the marginalization of other cultural groups.