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For most single parents who are expected to work full-time under current welfare policies and who have children needing child care, use of a car is the most practical means of transportation. The difficulties of getting to the child care provider, then to work, back to the child care provider and home contribute to job retention problems, particularly for single parents lacking a family car or a valid driver's license. This study examined the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) driver's license records for 719,320 Milwaukee County residents, analyzed 331,304 recent (1992-1996) suspensions and 125,717 revocations by type and number of actions, geocoded addresses for 491,118 Milwaukee County licensed residential vehicles, and matched driver's license and vehicle registration records to determine car ownership patterns. The Milwaukee Public Schools census and U.S. census data were used to determine driver's license and suspension rates for teenagers by zipcode, central city and suburban areas. This research work is part of a continuing effort to provide insights into the child care and transportation conundrum facing low-income families in Milwaukee County.