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This report assesses the current use and availability of child care as well as estimating potential demand for child care under W-2. The analysis focuses on Milwaukee County and examines the challenges facing local agencies and community organizations as they seek to provide adequate child care for parents entering the labor force, expanding their work hours, or participating in mandatory community service activities. To provide an analysis of current child care openings and capacity, the Employment and Training Institute conducted a survey of all regulated day care providers in Milwaukee County central city neighborhoods and a sample survey of the certified child care providers currently active with the Milwaukee County Department of Human Services. The Institute analyzed current usage in subsidized child care programs using data on all Milwaukee County child care payments for the month of February 1996 and all child care deductions taken for Milwaukee County children receiving AFDC or food stamps. Estimates of the current and potential demand for child care under W-2 were constructed using a database of all children and families on public assistance in Milwaukee County and U.S. Census data on employed low-income families in Milwaukee County not receiving public assistance.