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This report examines the availability of jobs for mothers receiving AFDC and expected to find family-sustaining employment in the private sector under “W-2,” Wisconsin’s new welfare program. Despite the fact that many full and part-time jobs exist in Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties, few women in the “W-2” population are likely to secure employment outside Milwaukee County. Census data for· the Milwaukee County population of women ages 18-39 indicated that only 5 percent of African American and Hispanic women (and 11 percent of white women) found work outside the county. Availability of transportation is a problem as only a third of parents on public aid report having a car in their household, according to census data. Even fewer active AFDC cases in Milwaukee County (13 percent) report cars in their household. The effective labor market is further limited to lower paid entry-level positions due to the lack of education and labor market experience for much of the “W-2” population. These jobs are least likely to provide fringe benefits or to pay wages at levels necessary to sustain a family above poverty. For mothers with young children and not currently expected to work, the effective labor market will be even further constrained' by the availability of child care