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The third year evaluation of the Center for Driver’s License Recovery and Employability was conducted by the Employment and Training Institute. The CDLRE is serving an increasingly difficult population -- with higher unemployment, more referrals from the courts and DOC, and with more legal problems. The CDLRE driver’s license recovery rates remained very high (i.e., 57% for the 3-year period). Over 5,000 Milwaukee County residents received assistance in 2007-2009 for case management or license recovery planning advice. The CDLRE continues to reach the hard-to-serve target populations, with 66% males, 92% minorities, and all low-income. More clients needed legal assistance in the third year; 62% of the 2009 clients had 3 or more legal problem areas. Clients had cases in over 100 different municipal and circuit courts. In 2009 license recovery efforts were made more difficult as the municipal courts eliminated nearly all use of community service hours to allow violators to redress outstanding fines.