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The Center for Driver’s License Recovery & Employability (CDLRE) was established in March 2007 to increase the number of licensed drivers among low-income Milwaukee County residents. The CDLRE provides driver’s license recovery assistance to county residents aged 18 and above, with suspended and revoked driver’s licenses, income at 200% of poverty or below, and having no pending Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) offenses. This evaluation report examines driver’s license recovery rates for 862 participants who completed case management services in the first sixteen months. The employment outcomes are measured using First Quarter 2008 data for clients who completed their case management services by December 31, 2007. First Quarter 2008 earnings are compared to pre-program First Quarter 2007 earnings for successful and unsuccessful CDLRE participants. Wisconsin Department of Transportation driver’s license records (2000-2008) and Wisconsin Department of Corrections records (1993-2008) were examined for all clients served by the CDLRE and for the resident populations of Milwaukee County.