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For this report the Employment and Training Institute analyzed the employment history of 48,131 workers in Milwaukee County who were laid off their jobs and recently have received unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. Five quarters of wages were examined, and six difficult-to-serve subpopulations were examined in detail -- ex-offenders in the Department of Corrections system, participants in the Shares child care subsidy program, public assistance cases with children, adult FoodShare cases with no children, aged and/or disabled population on public assistance, and W-2 cases. The strength of the analysis and its timing are that it captures a large portion of the local workforce who has been laid off and still searching for new employment. The report is one of a series of four studies prepared for the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to describe the characteristics of the Milwaukee area labor force, identify the education and training needs of the workforce in key occupations, and detail barriers to employment for targeted populations. The work uses institutional, administrative and census databases to aid MAWIB in setting priorities and improving strategies for service to Milwaukee County workers during the difficult economic period the community is now facing.