This study investigates and reports on the strong relation between language and ethnolinguistic identity in Morocco. The study examines and analyzes comments of both Berbers and Arabs’ reaction to the plan of promoting Arabic. Two communities of practice will emerge once they react to a plan aiming at promoting Arabic. The source of data for this study is the main online newspaper in Morocco, Hespress (hespress.com).

The comments demonstrate that once Arabic and Berber are put together, the ethnicity associated with each language prevails. Data analysis shows that Language is a prominent index of ethnicity. It can create conflict and rivalry between the two main ethnic groups in Morocco. The results support the hypothesis, which claims that there is a strong link between language and ethnicity. The commentators were expressing their identities in a community of practice that is either defined by Berber or Arabic. Data analysis also shows that language can separate ethnic groups and can also be an essential factor in forming communities of practice. It is clear from the analysis that language separates these two groups, supporting the idea that language has a role in shaping these communities of practice and forming their identities.