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Spring 1989





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An extensive study of the fungi of Sapa Spruce Bog was started during the summer of 1989. The site was divided into three collecting zones the swamp hardwoods surrounding the bog, the tamrac and black spruce zone, and the central, open sphagnum mat zone. Greatest species diversity has been observed in the swamp hardwoods; many fungi identified from this zone have also been recorded from the Field Station beech/maple woods (Parker, 1987 and 1988). Factors contributing to the greater diversity of fungi in this zone include the composition of leaf litter and humus, the larger amount of downed logs in various stages of decay, and the variety of tree species with their associated mycorrhizal and wood-rotting fungi. The following 57 species are reported as new records from Sapa Spruce Bog. A number of small gill mushroom taxa remain to be identified. Specimens of most taxa have been deposited in the mycological herbarium of the Milwaukee Public Museum (MIL).