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Spring 2020


College of Letters and Science, French, "Collective Homage Je suis debout | I’m standing upright" page.

The photos below include works by Bruce Clarke from his Les Hommes debout artistic project [Bruce Clarke @LesHommesDebout]

Hope Anthem Concert.mp4 (63440 kB)
Hope Anthem in concert, Gaël Faye with Shanel and Samuel Kamanzi, Hommes debout -- 28 juillet 2014

Hope Anthem.mp4 (35523 kB)
Hope Anthem, Gaël Faye with Samuel Kamanzi

Media1.mp3 (16529 kB)
“La Veillée/The Vigil” [part. 1 & 2] - Ingoma drums & Ibyivugo, Amararo

Media2.mp3 (7874 kB)
“Wagiyehe Mana y’Rwanda” - text & melody: Jean-Marie Muyango, arrangement: Garrett List