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conceptual framework, hydrologic modeling, ecosystem services modeling, hydrological ecosystem services


Ecosystem services (ES) help people understand and deal with current environmental situations and problems, and ES-related research has been increasing recently. However, the quantitative evaluations of ES that can be easily understood by decision makers are still in development. Specifically, new methods are needed for hydrologic ES with the requirements of spatially and temporally explicit specification of parameters related to climate, geology, land cover, soil, and topography. This paper presents a conceptual modeling framework that aims to convert hydrologic information to hydrologic ES in fine temporal resolutions by developing a conceptual connection of three modules: data development, hydrologic and ES modeling, and results analysis. Then, the framework was applied to a study basin to demonstrate the importance of hydrologic ES in fine temporal resolutions. Results of water provision ES, flood control ES, and sediment regulation ES were produced at fine temporal resolutions in the framework, which indicates that more timely and relevant policy suggestions can be provided to decision makers. The framework and the methodology are applicable for watersheds of varied sizes and can serve as a template for future coupling of different environmental models.

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