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Fall 10-27-2021


open access, preprint servers, Dimensions Analytics, SciLit, SciFinder-n, Lens, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


The purpose of this study was to explore the UWM publications as preprints and to identify the servers being used by UWM researchers, and the indexing sources for their discovery. My analysis of the numbers of preprints retrieved by four databases: Dimensions, SciLit, SciFindern, and the Lens, showed a growing number of UWM preprints in the recent five years. Ten different preprint servers have been utilized by UWM researchers since 1995. The top two well-established repositories, arXiv and SSRN, host over 150 UWM preprints each. The popularity of bioRxiv is growing and it is also featuring the most highly citing preprints affiliated with UWM.

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