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Fall 11-11-2018


shear-mode piezoelectric transducers, flexural waves, laminate structures, structural health monitoring


Ultrasonic systems employing embedded piezoelectric transducers have seen increased interest in recent years. The ability to sense, actuate, and analyze the wave propagation modes in engineering structures has been fundamental to the advancement of ultrasonic structural health monitoring (SHM). This paper presents a study into the sensing and actuation properties of shear-mode (d35) piezoelectric transducers made of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) that are internally embedded in the bondline of laminate structures. The manuscript presents analytical analysis, finite element simulation, and experimental validation building from an individual piezoelectric element to a full laminate structure. The validated model was then used to perform a parametric study into the effects of d35 PZT transducer size on the strength of actuation and sensing output signal. The selectivity of d35 PZT sensors was also investigated by generating multiple wave modes in the laminate structure and inspecting the output signals. The d35 PZT sensors were found to selectively detect only certain modes of the wave propagation providing a fundamental hardware filter that could be employed to simplify signal analysis and processing. The results of this study indicate that d35 PZTs embedded in the bondline have multiple properties that can potentially be employed for ultrasonic SHM.