Research, writing, and presentation are essential skills to be developed in the course of an undergraduate education. Understanding the significance of religion in human life is an equally important insight, which touches on many academic disciplines. The Religious Studies Student Organization at UWM has decided to bring these skills, this insight, and these disciplines together by sponsoring Undergraduate Research Conferences. These conferences provide an opportunity for undergraduates to develop their research skills and to present their findings to an audience consisting of peers, faculty, and members of the community. The papers found here are a testament to the efforts and abilities of these researchers.

Browse the contents of Religious Studies Student Organization Undergraduate Research Conference:

2013: The Experience of Religion
2014: Faith and Society, The Spectrum of Religion
2015: Religion in Society: Seen and Unseen
2016: Religion in Society: Past and Present
2017: Religion and Society: Bridging the Gaps
2018: Religious Context & Experience
2019: Religion and the Human Condition
2020: The Intersectionality of Religion and Contemporary Issues
2021: Religious Studies Undergraduate and Graduate Research Conference