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Charter Schools, Leadership, Mission, High Expectations, Community, Urban Education, High Performing Schools, Closing the Gap


Five charter schools were identified by high achievement (state-wide test results), high attendance, low turnover of students and staff, high parent and staff satisfaction and at least two contract renewals (met contract requirements) over a 10 year period. Four of five schools had 75% free and reduced lunch indicating low SES with minority population exceeding 80% enrollment. Each school was assigned a team member to observe all classes, interview teachers, school leadership and relevant staff over a 10 month period in the 2011-12 school year.

Results identified six elements across all five schools that contribute to successful schools. The variables are 1) leadership, 2) shared mission, values and beliefs, 3) community as defined by mission, 4) high academic expectations, 5) positive behavior expectations, and 6) agreed upon processes and practices. While implementation of these six variables varied across schools, these elements were readily observable in shaping a school’s success.


This report was prepared under a grant from the Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation, Ltd. in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Foundation.

The research team members are solely responsible for the results of this study.

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Executive Summary

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Methodology and Observations

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Five Selected Schools: A Brief Summary and General Observations

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Leadership & Mission and Values

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High Expectations

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Building Community

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Bruce Guadalupe Community School: A Case Study / William Kritek

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Milwaukee College Preparatory School: A Case Study / Robert Kattman

five_haubrich_et al_10.pdf (374 kB)
Seeds of Health Elementary School: A Case Study / Julie Kremer

five_haubrich_et al_11.pdf (465 kB)
Woodlands School: A Case Study / Paul Haubrich

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Young Leaders Academy: A Case Study / Alfonzo Thurman

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