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Classification, Metadata, Interoperability, Ranganathan


Scholars have identified interoperability issues in mapping metadata in a linked data environment (Zeng 2019). This study builds on previous research and proposes a creative use of Ranganathan’s (1989) three planes of work in classification activity. By extending the application of the three planes of work to the linked data environment, we can use this conceptual model as an analytical tool to highlight particular mapping challenges. This paper uses three cases to show how discrepancies between the idea plane, verbal plane, and notational plane may cause mapping issues. Further, we can see that mapping issues are not limited to differences between metadata standards. The three planes of work can highlight mapping issues that are caused by changes at different planes of the same metadata. The challenges presented in this study complement the known mapping issues, and contribute to the discussion of interoperability in linking, mapping, matching, and change in metadata.