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data, survey instrument, emoji, emotion, mood, fiction, metadata


This is the survey instrument and data for a research project on Emojis and Emotion Categories for Fiction. This is an anonymous online survey that collected 64 responses from self-identified fiction readers who are 18 years or older. The questions asked participants to 1) select mood categories (e.g., angry, cozy) that describe the atmosphere/setting, emotion, and tone/narrative of fiction. 2) Select all the emojis that represent the 30 emotion categories provided. The results verify the three families of mood categories for fiction, and create mappings between emojis and mood categories.


The authors deposit this survey and data to the UWM Digital Commons in order to reference them in their article manuscript and support open data.

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full_sample_in_xml.xml (1352 kB)
Anonymized survey responses in XML format

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Anonymized survey responses in JSON format