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This research stresses the artistic potential of the roadway through the introduction of formal design elements. Using landscape, median, spanning, roadway and enclosure within highway planning and design, the design professional can introduce a new vocabulary to the process of highway construction. Presents a range of design possibilities which, when combined with the technological requirements of a highway system, can lead to a unique and identifiable "design aesthetic." Supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.




Center for Architecture and Urban Planning Research, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee


Milwaukee, WI

integration_keegan_1.pdf (483 kB)
Front Pages, Abstract, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents & Preamble

integration_keegan_2.pdf (618 kB)
The American Highway System

integration_keegan_3.pdf (460 kB)
The European Highway System

integration_keegan_4.pdf (2286 kB)
Attitudes and Approaches

integration_keegan_5.pdf (1345 kB)
History of the Roadway

integration_keegan_6.pdf (1387 kB)
Inventory of Resources: Introduction

integration_keegan_7.pdf (5265 kB)
Inventory of Resources: Abstracts

integration_keegan_8.pdf (370 kB)
Design Handbook: Introduction

integration_keegan_9.pdf (725 kB)
Design Handbook: Roadway Elements

integration_keegan_10.pdf (1546 kB)
Design Handbook: Median Elements

integration_keegan_11.pdf (1406 kB)
Design Handbook: Enclosure Elements

integration_keegan_12.pdf (1285 kB)
Design Handbook: Landscape Elements

integration_keegan_13.pdf (1786 kB)
Design Handbook: Spanning Elements

integration_keegan_14.pdf (769 kB)
Design Handbook: Gate Elements

integration_keegan_15.pdf (363 kB)
Conclusion & Recommendations

integration_keegan_16.pdf (319 kB)
The Integration of the Highway and Landform

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