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Fall 11-9-2019


Survival analysis · Conditional survival · Bridge decks · Hypertabastic distribution · Expected life · Reliability · Service life · Remaining service life


Bridge decks are a significant factor in the deterioration of bridges, and substantially affect long-term bridge maintenance decisions. In this study, conditional survival (reliability) analysis techniques are applied to bridge decks to evaluate the age at the end of service life using the National Bridge Inventory records. As bridge decks age, the probability of survival and the expected service life would change. The additional knowledge gained from the fact that a bridge deck has already survived a specific number of years alters (increases) the original probability of survival at subsequent years based on the conditional probability theory. The conditional expected service life of a bridge deck can be estimated using the original and conditional survival functions. The effects of average daily traffic and deck surface area are considered in the survival calculations. Using Wisconsin data, relationships are provided to calculate the probability of survival of bridge decks as well as expected service life at various ages. The concept of survival dividend is presented and the age when rapid deterioration begins is defined.