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Summer 7-4-2022


energy dissipation; seismic; shear walls; precast concrete; connector


In this study, several steel connector shapes were analytically evaluated as potential new seismic energy dissipating devices between vertical precast concrete shear wall panels. Based on the results of analytical and experimental studies, a multiple yield zone (MYZ) connector is proposed due to its improved performance (in energy dissipation) when compared to the conventional U-shaped flexure plate (UFP) device. Unlike the UFP, the MYZ connector provides stiffness and energy dissipation in both horizontal and vertical directions. The response of a shear wall building system utilizing the MYZ or UFP connectors was evaluated using a simplified frame model. The MYZ connector performed better than the UFP alternate both in terms of energy dissipation in the device and with respect to improved structure response. The use of multiple (distributed) yield zones through circular cut-outs is key in the performance enhancement observed with the MYZ connector.