Submissions from 2022


The Influence of Age at Pediatric-Onset Spinal Cord Injury and Years of Wheelchair Use on Shoulder Complex Joint Dynamics During Manual Wheelchair Propulsion, Joshua M. Leonardis, Alyssa J. Schnorenberg, Lawrence C. Vogel, Gerald F. Harris, and Brooke A. Slavens

Submissions from 2021


America’s housing affordability crisis: perpetuating disparities among people with disability, Suzanne Perea Burns, Rochelle Mendonca, Noralyn Davel Pickens, and Roger O. Smith


Learning from Graduate and Undergraduate Public Health Virtual Internship Experiences with State Title V Agencies During COVID-19, Summer 2020, Arden Handler, Rebecca Greenleaf, Christine T. Bozlak, Victoria A. Moerchen, Kris Pizur-Barnekow, Cindy San Miguel, Olivia Sappenfield, and Gabriella Masini