DAC Capstone Collection


William Barnes

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2020


Project Title: How to Make YouTube videos

Name: William Barnes

Major: Digital Arts & Culture

Expected Graduation: August 2020

Project Medium: Video

Technology and Software Used: OBS Studios, Movie Studio 16.0, YouTube

Artist Statement:

This project is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Well, not this specific video but the surrounding elements, the YouTube channel and the other videos. Way back when I was a kid, I wanted to become a YouTuber, I wanted to make videos, make money from it, and make millions of people laugh while I played video games. While I am nowhere near that dream, this is a start. Even if I never make YouTube a living, having it there and knowing that people watch the stuff I make and laugh would be good enough for me. This video is more of a technical look at how a YouTube video is made, and a showcase of what I’ve learned to do while making these videos.

I hope to accomplish in my work the same thing that others did for me when I was a kid. This video is more to show people that the editing process of a video isn’t just magic and showing them how to edit. Hopefully people that watch it could get inspired to make their own videos after watching mine and seeing how they’re made. I know that the editing side of making a video is the most harrowing part, I was scared to make videos because I didn’t know anything about video editing. Having this video up and showing how simple it can be hopefully helpful to anyone who watches it and give them the push they need to start making their own.

Making videos for me is all about wanting to do it, because if I make a video I didn’t want to make then what would be the point of making it. If I don’t enjoy what I do it becomes work, and a hobby becoming work is never a good thing. The best example of this is my “Un-Understandable” video. I wanted to make a video like that, so I did. For this video, I wanted to make this as a sort of milestone, showing all that I know and how to do it, so I could look back on it and see how much I’ve changed. I originally wanted to make this video as just a tutorial, but it became a milestone video as I thought more about what this kind of video would mean to me.

One of the major challenges with making a video like this is that you want it to be engaging and entertaining while also being informative. If it’s just informative then you might lose the audience that watch it casually, and if it’s just entertaining then the people that came to learn are going to be disappointed or confused. Finding the right balance was tricky, but I believe I found a good place for it. Showing how to make a certain clip then showing that clip directly; it shows them the editing process, then gives them a punchline with the funny clip. Making the video was my first crack at a fully scripted video, and it combined with everything else I’ve done has been fun, and I will love continuing these projects in the future.

Dark Souls Remastered Knight's Honor Playthrough: Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QipA3KAagus