DAC Capstone Collection


Juliana Rattin

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2020


Project Title: Sundae Bar

Name: Juliana Rattin

Major: Digital Arts & Culture

Minor: Design

Expected Graduation: May 2020

Project Medium: Digital

Technology and Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Artist Statement:

The Sundae Bar is a craft ice cream brand that combines popular flavors into frozen confections. I created this project to practice branding, as well as packing design. Creating a target audience and having a niche product gives me guidelines to work within. Having these guidelines in place helps to challenge me further as a designer. In addition, I hope to expand my portfolio and showcase my skill set in the creation of my brand.

When it comes to my creative process my first step is always research. It is important to be informed on your topic before you start your sketches. After I got an idea of what popular trends are and what others in the same realm are doing, I started sketching the logo. Any idea that comes into my head I put it down on paper. Next, I began to sort through my sketches and then pick the best ones to move digitally. Then once I have created my digital roughs, I got feedback. What I think may work might not translate well to someone else. After I received feedback, I make more roughs. I kept every variation even the smallest, because you never know what sketch will work in the end. I then pick one design and then get feedback on it again. Lastly, I make final adjustments then moved onto creating color palette.

I knew beforehand the flavor I wanted to create, so I selected images of ingredients and created color palettes for each. Utilizing the color palette, I create bottles and glasses to match each of the flavors. I created the color palettes and iconography in illustrator then moved them into photoshop to create the packaging. Taking the assets, I created beforehand I then went on to design the different flavor packaging. Once I finish the product label, I applied the design to a mockup.

I knew I wanted to focus my project on branding, but I was struggling to decide what product to create. Growing up I worked at an ice cream shop and thusly know a lot on the topic. I had an idea to open a bar called The Sundae Bar that would sell boozy ice cream. This idea then translated into me wanting to create a packaged version of the produce. During my first round of sketches I was struggling to create a brand identity. None of the sketches/ designs I created were great and the best advice I received was to start over. By going back to the drawing board with the feedback from my class, I was able to take my design in a completely new direction which I am happy with.

When working on a project of this caliber it is always expected to come across problems. My biggest issue was figuring out the packaging for the individual flavors. I created a color palette and iconography for each flavor which I wanted to include on each cartoon. However, when It came time to apply these on the packaging I began to struggle. In order to overcome this challenge, I started over on the packaging layout.