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I created several digital badges intended for the Milwaukee Parks Department mobile app. The original thought behind the idea was that these badges were to be used to show an individual’s progress when it came to time spent cleaning up trash in the park or perhaps how many actual physical pieces of trash were picked up. The procurement of these badges could offer the individual in question deals and discounts at local bars, breweries, and coffee shops.

The approach that I took for this project was to use familiar tools and create a simple and easily replicated design so that I could efficiently make several variations. I thought up the design for the badges that I made after a conversation that we had in one of our weekly meetings. The client had mentioned the prospect of some sort of “bucket” to be worked into plans for the Brew Hero campaign. One thing that I considered was that used buckets are not often clean. So, I thought of things that were the opposite of gross, which lead me to shiny gold. From that point, it wasn’t a far stretch to think of the bucket as a trophy. A trophy was perfect, there can be multiple trophies for first, second and third place. All I had to do was design a trophy with a golden bucket instead of a golden cup.