Milwaukee Combats Racism


Liz Butler

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Publication Date

Fall 2022


Milwaukee County Executives decided to combat racism in a unique way that was announced in 2019. The decision the county executives made was to declare racism a public health crisis. When this ordinance was made, they comprised a plan with five points they wanted to focus on to transform the services provided in Milwaukee, so it benefits them all, these five areas were:

  1. Build a more diverse and inclusive workforce in which employees reflect the diversity of the community at all levels and where differences are welcomed and valued.

  2. Ensure a diverse array of Milwaukee County employees at all levels are involved in designing equitable programs and services that meet the needs of the community.

  3. Design Milwaukee County services to meet residents’ needs, rather than asking residents to fit their needs into existing Milwaukee County services.

  4. Track and analyze data to better understand the impact of County services and find solutions accordingly.

  5. Generate new sources of revenue and implement additional efficiencies to address the structural deficit and make needed investments that advance racial equity (“Milwaukee County Passes Ordinance to Advance Racial Equity and Improve Health Outcomes.”).

But, since implementing this ordinance 3 years ago, what has changed since?