Date of Award

May 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

David Yu

Committee Members

Chiu Tai Law, Qiang Fu


Battery, Economy, Logistics, Renewable Energy, Wind Curtailment, Wind Energy


Wind and solar energies are the most potential and widely-used renewable energies. But in most cases these energies cannot be maximized because of transmission line capacity and their remote location. Therefore, this thesis proposes a new paradigm which using battery transportation and logistics instead of transmission line, to maximize wind and solar energies. The main focus of this work is to investigate the economical feasibilities of this new paradigm.

In the first part, different models and application are presented. The purpose is finding an appropriate model which can make full use of existing grid resources such as transmission line and power distribution network.

In the second part, total costing of this new paradigm and details are listed. Different parts of cost are analyzed, such as costing of construction of wind farm, costing of battery and costing of transportation. Then, the tendency of all parts of costing with years is introduced based on the information from internet news, company files and organization forecasting.

In the third part, key parameters which infect costing most are listed, some assuming are presented for forecasting. Then, cost of this new paradigm is compared to traditional way. The trend line of the traditional way and the trend line of the new paradigm will cross over based on the projection.