Date of Award

August 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Media Studies

First Advisor

Elana H. Levine

Committee Members

David S. Allen, Michael Z. Newman, Richard K. Popp


Media Studies, Social Media, Work Practice, Ya Authors, Ya Literature, Young Adult Literature


This thesis looks at YA literature, a feminized genre that continues to gain momentum in publishing and popular culture. Specifically, I look at YA authors and their readers’ interactions on social media and the manner in which these conversations are gendered. I argue that YA authors are expected to utilize feminized traits on social media with their readers and fellow authors, but they use same traits to create social change in the genre and industry. This project analyzes three different types of readers: Readers, Reader-Creators, and Bloggers and their interactions with YA authors on social media. My interviews with five YA authors show the impact of social media interactions on their work, which speaks to the changes in cultural production in the age of social media.