Date of Award

May 2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Valerica Raicu

Committee Members

Valerica Raicu, Peter Schwander, Philip Chang, Xavier Siemens, John Friedman


Acceleration, Unruh


In this dissertation we develop a formalism for the computation of observables due to acceleration-induced particle physics processes. By using the spacetime structure produced by acceleration, we examine the properties of accelerated particle detectors as well as accelerated fields. General expressions for the transition rate, multiplicity, power, spectra, and displacement law of particles undergoing time-dependent acceleration and transitioning into a final state of arbitrary particle number are obtained. The transition rate, power, and spectra are characterized by unique polynomials of multiplicity and thermal distributions of both bosonic and fermionic statistics. The acceleration-dependent multiplicities are computed in terms of the branching fractions of the associated inertial processes. The displacement law of the spectra predicts that the energy of the emitted particles is directly proportional to the accelerated temperature.

Included in

Physics Commons