Date of Award

August 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

William Bristow

Committee Members

Luca Ferrero, Andrea Westlund


Autonomy, Nietzsche, Responsibility, Will Unification


The modern analytic’s conception of morality usually grounds the agent’s mo-rality in some conception of responsibility and autonomy. Friedrich Nietzsche agrees that morality should be grounded in responsibility and autonomy, however his con-ceptions of responsibility and autonomy are quite different from the modern analytic literature. In this paper, I present Nietzsche’s account of autonomy and responsibility. In part one, I describe Nietzsche’s beliefs about human nature and how the human psyche became disparate. The sovereign individual is also introduced as the Nie-tzschean ideal capable of autonomy and responsibility. The second part of the paper refines Nietzshce’s ideas concerning both the will and free will and their relation to morality. Finally, I argue that Nietzsche provides a process of how a disparate individ-ual may become an autonomous and responsible individual.

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Philosophy Commons