Date of Award

August 2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Dawn Erb

Committee Members

David Kaplan, Jolien Creighton, Alan Wiseman


Absorption Lines, Galactic Evolution, Galaxies, Outflows, Spectra, Winds



ows have been shown to be ubiquitous in galaxies between z = 1 and z=2,

and many models and observations have attempted to correlate the absorption line

properties of these out

ows with morphological characteristics of their host galaxies.

In this study, we examined the spectra of 71 galaxies with redshifts 1< z<2, paying

particular attention to the FeII and MgII absorption lines. We plotted the equivalent

width, velocity, and maximum velocity of the absorption features against various

physical properties of the galaxies, obtained from catalogues created by Skelton et

al., (2014) and van der Wel et al., (2012). We conrmed the presence of out

ows in

our galaxy sample, and found a signicant trend between the equivalent width and

star formation rate - out

owing gas has stronger absorption lines in galaxies with

higher star formation rates.