Date of Award

August 2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Robert M Cuzner

Committee Members

David Yu, Hossein Hossini


Abstract: This thesis describes and explains different fault to characterize fault specifically for DC distribution systems and DC Microgrids fed by synchronous generators. This will result in a testbed for static and intermittent line-to-line faults, and in future work, various types of ground faults. Automaton allows for repeated testing at various voltage levels and precise control over intermittent fault generation. The fault generator is implemented with an IGBT H-bridge topology. Its physical implementation and benefits are described. Experimental results are shown for static line-to-line fault. This testbed will be used to help develop closed-form expressions. Once fault currents are characterized and closed-form expressions are made, adequate protection systems can be designed. finally, this paper will include the simulation and experimental results of line-to-line fault characterization with a DC smoothing capacitor, and intermittent faults of various times.