Date of Award

May 2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Philip Chang

Committee Members

Jolien Creighton, Dawn Erb, David Kaplan, Alan Wiseman


formation - galaxies, star clusters, star formation, turbulence - stars


In this dissertation, I explore the time-variable rate of star formation, using both numerical and analytic techniques. I discuss the dynamics of collapsing regions, the effect of protostellar jets, and development of software for use in the hydrodynamic code RAMSES. I perform high-resolution adaptive mesh refinement simulations of star formation in self-gravitating turbulently driven gas. I have run simulations including hydrodynamics (HD), and HD with protostellar jet feedback. Accretion begins when the turbulent fluctuations on largescales, near the driving scale, produce a converging flow. I find that the character of the collapse changes at two radii, the disk radius $r_d$, and the radius $r_*$ where the enclosed gas mass exceeds the stellar mass. This is the first numerical work to show that the density evolves to a fixed attractor, $\rho(r,t ) \rightarrow \rho(r)$, for $r_d