Date of Award

August 2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Health Sciences

First Advisor

Ann C. Snyder

Committee Members

Bhagwant S. Singhu, Kathryn R. Zalewski, Bruce A. Wade, John G. Seifert


Physiological Load, Quantification, Soccer, Sports


The overall aim of this research project was to devise valid mathematical models for quantifying the physiological load (PL) of practices and competitions for female and male NCAA Division I collegiate soccer players. Data from sub-maximal and maximal effort tests were used to construct these models. After development of the physiological load quantification (PLQ) models, the validity of them occurred by comparing them to the physiological gold standard of performed work, volume of oxygen consumed (V*O2). Last, comparisons of the scores from the PLQ models to the PL scores from the previous models occurred. In combination these three studies have produced models which are physiologically realistic, have a very strong relationship with the gold standard of work performed and are unique when compared to the models previously presented in the research literature for the assessment of PL.