Date of Award

May 2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Lingfeng Wang

Committee Members

Lingfeng Wang, Chiu Tai Law, Guangwu Xu


A large amount of DGs (distributed generations) and distributed resources accessing to distribution network is a characteristic of present distribution network. So the concept of the active distribution network is proposed, which is a new form of distribution network with flexible power network structure and active control and management with high permeability of DGs in the distribution network. According to the actual operation state of power system, active distribution network actively manages the massive distributed power supply and adaptively adjusts the network to satisfy the requirements of economy and security power supply.

This thesis aims to propose a feasible optimization scheme for the communication network based on the evaluation results of all nodes’ importance in the distribution network. This solution not only meets the current technical requirements, but also considers the possible expansion of communication network in the future. Different from the most used dual link connection for all communication network nodes, this section of this thesis selects a certain portion of the important nodes in the power grid for optimization, and the remaining nodes connected to the communication network adopt a single link. The optimization result can provide a more scientific and reasonable solution for planner to build a communication network. The link entropy index is used to evaluate the edges’ significance on maintaining the global connectivity for the whole power and communication network.