Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Brian Armstrong

Committee Members

Istvan Lauko, Jun Zhang


DC offset, Extended Kalman Filter, Gait analysis, Missing observations, Moiré Phase Tracking, Oscillator


Gait analysis presents the challenge of detecting a periodic waveform in the presence of time varying frequency, amplitude, DC offset, and waveform shape, with acquisition gaps from partial occlusions. The combination of all of these components presents a formidable challenge. The Extended Kalman Filter for this system model has six states, which makes it weakly identifiable within the standard Extended Kalman Filter network. In this work, a novel robust Extended Kalman Filter-based approach is presented and evaluated for clinical use in gait analysis. The novel aspect of the proposed method is that at each sample, the present and several past observations are used to update the system state, strengthening the state identification. These past observations are referred to as delay-line taps.