Date of Award

December 2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Mohammad Habibur Rahman

Committee Members

Ilya V Avdeev, Veysi Malkoc


Deployable Worksurface (DWS), Flexible Access product, Reconfigurable worksurface Console, Retractable Access product, Vehicle Interior Access product, Worksurface mechanism



Premchand Gunachandran

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2019

Under the Supervision of Professor Mohammad Habibur Rahman

Easy access and adjusting the vehicle interior configuration to a variety of situations and uses is the general desire for any vehicle user. To meet such desire an attempt has been made in this study to conceptualize a design to develop a new mechatronic product called re-configurable vehicle interior console mechanism to deploy a worksurface (DWS), which will provide flexible use of the vehicle’s interior of both partial and fully autonomous vehicles. This re-configurable vehicle interior console will deploy the DWS using a power sliding mechanism concept enabled by electrical and electronic control unit circuits. This DWS will have 2 degrees of freedom (DOF) in its operation. Each user can access a DWS by pressing the nearby button. The console will move towards the center of the leg space and the electrical motor actuator and lead screw inside the console will drive the DWS by sliding it up and the DWS will down fold over the lap level of the user to offer a convenient individual worksurface. The inner side of the console body is designed to accommodate four DWS units, two each on its right and left sides, to cater to four users in a vehicle. The DWS power sliding mechanism concept product design will address the problems faced by the extreme users in the carpooling group of office goers, business travellers, family and friends going on a long road travel vacation trips. This DWS mechanism product’s performance and size can be customized, re-designed and modified to assemble inside the console body for the user’s accessibility, personalized and sharing experience in vehicle interiors of SUV, minivan and autonomous vehicles as well.

Keywords: Vehicle Interior Access, Deployable Worksurface (DWS), Re-configurable Console, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)