Date of Award

August 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Diane Reddy

Committee Members

Robyn Ridley, Raymond Fleming


Borderline Personality Disorder, Default Mode Network, Identity, Self


Disturbance of self has long been recognized as an important aspect of Borderline Personality Disorder. While it has received much attention from theorists, relatively little empirical study has examined the issue. One reason is the difficulty in conceptualizing and operationalizing the associated phenomena. This thesis reviews the theoretical and empirical literature on the self and its disturbance in BPD. It takes an integrative approach, drawing from cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, and neurobiological viewpoints. Within this context it presents a model of self disturbance in BPD, organizing processes by time scale as well as types of phenomenological self.

Included in

Psychology Commons