Date of Award

April 2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Liam Callanan

Second Advisor

Valerie Laken

Committee Members

Kumkum Sangari, Bonita Klein-Tasman


children, fiction, nature


This novel explores the ways in which our concepts of children and family shape our larger perceptions of reality, and vice-versa. It tells the story of a family in rural, upstate New York, using three different perspectives: Grace (the head of household), Eve (her foster child), and Bo, a recent addition to the family. Eve has lived with Grace since childhood, while Bo was taken in after attempting to escape from a rehabilitation camp for boys. Over the course of two days, the children try to manage their own internal conflicts, while Grace does her best to help them. The entire plot is covered in the first of three sections: “Grace.” The following sections: “Eve” and “Bo,” repeat this plotline from their own perspectives.

Included in

Fiction Commons