Date of Award

August 2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Psychology

First Advisor

Nadya A Fouad

Committee Members

Kelsey L Autin, Chris A Lawson, Leah M Rouse


Law Enforcement, Living a Calling, Organizational Support, Withdrawal Intentions


Working in law enforcement is considered a dangerous and challenging profession. Not only do law enforcement officers experience stress related to job tasks but they experience additional job stress related to organizational processes and procedures. Ongoing exposure to job stress can lead to low job satisfaction and high job turnover (Biggs, Brough & Barbour, 2014). However, the job turnover for those in law enforcement is only approximately ten percent. To date, there has been no research examining this discrepancy or predictors of low withdrawal intentions in law enforcement. This study looks to examine the relationship between living a calling, job stressors, perceived organization and withdrawal intentions for those working in law enforcement. A survey was distributed to sworn, law enforcement officers currently working in a law enforcement role (N=134). The results suggest that living a calling predicts low withdrawal intentions for law enforcement officers who consider their work as a calling. Job stressors or perceived organizational support were not shown to influence the living a calling and low withdrawal intentions relationship. The implications and limitations of this study are also discussed.