Date of Award

May 2023

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Urban Education

First Advisor

Nancy K File

Committee Members

Leanne M Evans, Tatiana Joseph, Jennifer J Mueller


coursework, cultural diversity, early childhood, linguistic diversity, teacher candidates, teacher education


The continual growth of linguistically and culturally diverse students in schools proposes a challenge for teachers to address their academic and linguistic needs. Therefore, it is important to note the preparation of new teachers to address these needs. The purpose of this study is to explore what teacher candidates understand about teaching in linguistically diverse settings. This study reviewed the coursework understanding of three teacher candidates as they progressed through a teacher education program. Coursework was analyzed and coded using the framework of knowledge, skills, and dispositions (KSD’s) to investigate what teacher candidates understood. Commonalties and differences between teacher candidates’ coursework was also explored. As teacher candidates progressed through the teacher education program, they demonstrated a wealth of knowledge related to skills and strategies needed to support academic and second language development. Teacher candidates also demonstrated dispositions that align with advocating and supporting linguistically and culturally diverse students and their families. Implications of this study noted the importance of the integration and connections of KSD’s related to linguistic and cultural diversity throughout program courses, critical experiences, and diverse exposure of field placements, and in providing opportunity for reflections and application of these experiences into practice.

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