Date of Award

August 2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Library and Information Science


Information Studies

First Advisor

Joyce Latham


The public library always utilizes new technology for the benefit of the patron. Nowadays, instead of sifting through a card catalogue shelf, one simply has to peruse the online database attached to the library website, using the KOHA system to keep track of materials and patron accounts. Patrons are also able to checkout their materials without the interaction with a staff member at the front desk. What benefits do these self-checkout kiosks bring to the library and the patron? This independent research study is going to look the quantitative data found through the Middleton, Wisconsin Public Library. This study will research the history of technology utilized by the library, leading to the use of self-checkout kiosks, how the library staff needs to be trained with new technology, the role of the patron in such a new form of library transaction, the logistics that go into the planning and implementation of such devices on the library floor, and this will collect quantitative checkout data provided by the Data Services Consultant of the South Central Library System of Wisconsin, as well as the Middleton, Wisconsin Public Library monthly board reports to compare the data to see which format of checkout is preferred by the patron. The data is solely comprised of quantities found for public use through the website under the “library board” tab where the monthly reports are located.