Date of Award

May 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Dr. John D. Richards

Committee Members

Dr. Robert Jeske, Dr. Patricia Richards


Aztalan, Ceramics


This thesis provides an analysis of a subset of the ceramics recovered during the 2011 UWM Aztalan excavations. The analysis was designed to determine if there is a difference between ceramic assemblages recovered from different site depositional contexts presumably reflective of different behaviors, such as refuse disposal, domestic activities, or ritual activity. This analysis consists of a comparison of ceramics from the 2011 UWM Collection, in addition to the three main recovery contexts of the Northeast Mound: the Northeast Mound Top, Sub Mound, and Fill at Aztalan (Zych 2013) and vessels from the 2013 UWM collection. Utilizing only the rim sherds morphometric data, use wear traces and vessel compositional data were recorded, as they are the most informative relating to function, temporal, and cultural inferences of vessels. The results of this study demonstrate the ceramics are significantly different in regards to morphological and metric data. The analysis indicates the different practices associated with each depositional context are reflected in the differences observed in the statistical tests and compositional analysis.